About Me

I’m a passionate developer and specialized in .Net Technologies. I have over 6 years of experience in developing Front-End and Back-End code including database development.

I enjoy learning new technologies or the least to know about them. But why? My goal is to become a Software Architect. As an architect, I need to know about different, skills, and practices because this will help when deciding in building software.

The technologies worked on are:

  • Programming Languages: Java, C#, C++, Visual basic.Net, Typescript
  • Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB
  • Web Techs: JavaScript, JQuery, MVC Net/Core, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular 6, ExpressJS, Mongoose
  • Other Techs: LINQ, Restful, WCF, MS Dynamic CRM, Topshelf, SingalR, Entity Framework, ADO.Net, Masstransit
  • Tools & IDEs: Git, JIRA, Confluence, MS Visio, Eclipse, Visual Studio

What I am, currently, up to?

  • Learning AWS, hoping to become AWS certified Architect.
  • Working 3 projects (2 in progress + 1 in design).
  • Working on my SOA Skills.
  • Blogging 🙂

More to be added later!!!